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Chimney Sweep

Regular chimney sweeping is crucial to ensuring your home's safety and comfort during cold months. At Air Care Home Service, we offer professional chimney sweep services to keep your chimney free of soot, debris, and creosote buildup. Our experienced technicians use specialized equipment to ensure proper ventilation and reduce the risk of chimney fires. Trust us to keep your home warm and secure this season with our reliable chimney cleaning services.

Chimney Cleaning & Inspection

Is your home filled with a burning stench? Even if you don’t light a fire, it always smells like smoke. Or perhaps your fireplace gives off a nasty odor whenever you go near it. All of these are tell-tale signs that your chimney is long overdue for a professional clean. At Air Care Home Services, our expert guided chimney sweep and cleaning solutions ensure that your indoors are safe and comfortable.

Chimney Repair

Avail an all-round chimney repair service backed by professional expertise Just as every chimney is different, so are homeowner requirements. We facilitate you according to your feasibility. Sometimes, getting your chimney cleaned is not enough. While maintenance is essential, damage to the internal layer calls for end to end repairing. At Air Care Home Services, our goal is to ensure that your chimney remains functional, no matter what.

About Us

Air Care Home Service Established in 1999, Air Care Home Services is a locally owned organization rooted in a passion for customer satisfaction. As homeowners ourselves, we understand that the comfort of indoor living depends on appliances. But what happens when those appliances need professional care? That’s when our certified technicians jump in to save the day.

Our Values

Our services don’t just end upon completion. We strive to build meaningful relationships with each customer and that’s not possible without holistic transparency. From pricing to claims, everything is like an open book!


Air Care Home Services thrive on an unshakeable foundation of integrity. We believe in the power of communication, expertise and quality. Verily, neither is compromised!
Whenever a client reaches out to us for help, we go the extra mile to solve their problem. Air Care Home professionals deem it their responsibility to satisfy you, no matter what.