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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Air Care Home Service Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning of Toronto has been one of the most dependable furnace cleaning service providers in the Toronto area, including Mississauga and Oshawa, for more than a decade. We like to think that our success is based not only on how thoroughly we clean all makes and models of home furnaces, or even on the fact that we use the best and newest equipment on the market, but also on how we treat the homeowners and building managers who call us in the same way we would want to be treated.

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Bird/scroll Nest Removal

Experienced specialists from Air Care Home Services will do a full inspection of your home or company to establish where the birds are entering and to identify potential entry points before any more issues emerge. Air Care Home Services will remove birds from their established nesting sites as well as any existing nesting material in a compassionate manner. If the young birds are unable to fly, the skilled experts at Air Care Home Services will be able to predict when the young birds will be ready for removal. This is the most compassionate way to get rid of birds.

Kitchen Vent Cleaning

Kitchen exhaust systems have been cleaned by Air Care Home Service all throughout Ontario. Our kitchen exhaust cleaning service ensures a clean and safe working environment in your kitchen. The Pressure-Kleen team can assist you in keeping your commercial kitchen hood and exhaust system in good working order. The safety of your staff and customers is directly impacted by poorly maintained business hoods and kitchen exhaust systems. It can make your workplace a fire hazard.

Air Duct Cleaning

Is it better to clean or not to clean your ducts? That is the issue. It might be tough to determine when and whether your home's air duct system needs to be cleaned. Learn when cleaning is necessary and how it will improve your home over time. Air duct cleaning is the process of cleaning the ducts that assist circulate warm and cool air throughout your home, as the name implies. Cleaning other components of your home's heating and cooling system, such as your furnace fan, coils, heat exchangers, and more, is also possible.

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Air Care Home Service provides a wide range of work of varying degrees of complexity. Our staff consists of highly qualified experts with a minimum of 6 years of experience in the field. We’ve accumulated a lot of expertise handling the most difficult technical and organisational problems, which allows us to give you the finest service possible.
Air Care Home Service significant number of referrals proves that the particular attention we give each of our clients pays off. Allow us to look after your family’s air and give you a fair quote.