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Gas Fireplace Services

Gas fireplace Cleaning

Air Care Home Service provides professional gas fireplace cleaning to ensure your fireplace runs safely and efficiently. Our experienced technicians will thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of your gas fireplace, removing any built-up debris or soot. We'll also inspect your fireplace and its components to ensure they're in good condition, and make any necessary repairs or adjustments. With our gas fireplace cleaning service, you can enjoy cozy nights without worrying about the safety and performance of your fireplace. Contact us today to schedule your cleaning!

Gas Fireplace Repair

Gas fireplaces, albeit how reliable, are not immune to damage. If you’ve tried fixing the issue to no avail, let us help. There are plenty of reasons that your fireplace may have stopped functioning. From old batteries to blocked valves, it could be anything. The right solution depends on the core issue. Rest assured, we’re experts at troubleshooting gas fireplace problems like the seasoned professionals we are.

Gas Fireplace Maintenance

Air Care Home Service offers comprehensive gas fireplace maintenance to keep your fireplace in top condition. Our skilled technicians will inspect your fireplace and its components, clean and lubricate moving parts, replace worn out parts, and perform any necessary adjustments. We'll also test your fireplace to ensure it's running safely and efficiently. With our gas fireplace maintenance service, you can have peace of mind knowing your fireplace will keep you warm and cozy all winter long. Contact us today to schedule your maintenance service.

About Us

Air Care Home Service Established in 1999, Air Care Home Services is a locally owned organization rooted in a passion for customer satisfaction. As homeowners ourselves, we understand that the comfort of indoor living depends on appliances. But what happens when those appliances need professional care? That’s when our certified technicians jump in to save the day.

Our Values

Our services don’t just end upon completion. We strive to build meaningful relationships with each customer and that’s not possible without holistic transparency. From pricing to claims, everything is like an open book!


Air Care Home Services thrive on an unshakeable foundation of integrity. We believe in the power of communication, expertise and quality. Verily, neither is compromised!
Whenever a client reaches out to us for help, we go the extra mile to solve their problem. Air Care Home professionals deem it their responsibility to satisfy you, no matter what.